About the Medical Humanities Laboratory

The Medical Humanities Laboratory started as an initiative of Carsten Timmermann and Elizabeth Toon at the University of Manchester in summer 2015. We are now a substantial group of scholars and practitioners interested in exploring the intersections of  — and interstices between — medicine and the humanities, art and science, health and illness, the human and the non-human. Some of us have been involved with designing and teaching an innovative MSc programme in Medical Humanities. Others have worked together on a range of research or public engagement projects.

We are interdisciplinary and cross-faculty, based in a variety of locations at and associated with the University of Manchester. We want to provide a virtual home for the wide range of activities taking place in the medical humanities, research, practice and teaching, in and around this city.

Our work has been supported by a University of Manchester Research Institute Pump Priming Grant.

Steering Committee
Jane Brooks
Ana Carden-Coyne
Sarah Collins
Wendy Gallagher
Julie-Marie Strange
Carsten Timmermann
Elizabeth Toon
Cordelia Warr
Hawys Williams

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Or follow us on Twitter: @MedHumLab

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