Database of interests and projects

We launched the Medical Humanities Laboratory last year to create an interdisciplinary virtual home for interests and activities in the arts and humanities focusing on issues related to health and medicine in Manchester and the North-West – in research, teaching, writing, art, performance, public engagement, and other related fields.

We have since held a number of events aimed to showcase such activities, and to network and get to know each other.

We have also featured activities that some of us are engaged with on this website.

The ultimate purpose all this is to facilitate future collaborations, ideally leading to a big collaborative funding bid. In order to prepare for such collaborative projects, we are planning to set up a simple database, enabling those of us thinking about funding applications or other collaborative activities to find potential partners with related or complementary interests.

Would you like to be included? Then please fill in this simple MS Word questionnaire:

This should not take you longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Completed questionnaires should be emailed to Dr Marion Endt-Jones:

Welcome to the Medical Humanities Laboratory

We are a group of scholars and practitioners interested in exploring the intersections of  — and interstices between — medicine and the humanities, art and science, health and illness, the human and the non-human. We are planning to do so both critically and creatively. Some of us have been involved with designing and teaching an innovative MSc programme in Medical Humanities. Others have worked together on a range of research or public engagement projects.

We are interdisciplinary and cross-faculty, based in a variety of locations associated with the University of Manchester. We want to provide a virtual home for the wide range of activities taking place in the medical humanities, research, practice and teaching, in and around this city.

This blog is just the beginning. Please watch this space.